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CPL is a 100% Zimbabwean owned company and below is a summary of the company`s History,

1959 British Cellophane Limited opened a branch in Zimbabwe called British Cellophane Distributors (BCD) that sold plain sheets and bags which came from their British and South African factories

1962 Printing machines and waxing machines were imported from BCD’s South African plant and the company also started servicing neighbour countries needs.In the late sixties the company’s name was changed to Cellophane Packaging (Private) Limited.

1973 The company moved premises to the present day site, a specially designed factory built for laminating and printing. New equipment including a gravure press, laminator, polythene extruder and pouch machine were bought as time progressed.

1976 The company name was abbreviated to CPL (Private) Limited as a diverse range of materials was being converted, not only cellophane. The growth necessitated the extension of the factory to accommodate raw materials and machinery.

1990 to present day. The last decade saw the company boldly re-engineering its business conduct resulting in dramatic growth. Computerisation of internal systems and controls aided the identification of non-profitable products which were discontinued and increased focus on profitable products. This was instrumental in the formation of Graphiti from the in-house art studio to not only producing artwork and origination for CPL but also for their own external customers. Another addition for servicing smaller customer needs was MaxPak a retail outlet for CPL.

As quality consciousness was primary to the company, it obtained ISO 9001 certification in 1999 boosting customer confidence especially in the ever growing export market. The company also continued its machine replacement program, the highlight of which was the purchase of a six colour Flexographic W & H printer and two Vega bag making machines which enabled the company to become the first Zimbabwean sole provider of a niche market. Rewards were reaped when the company became the first ever Zimbabwean packaging company to win awards in the premier South African Gold Pack competition. International bench-marking of the company’s quality came in the form of an award in the Exxon Mobil Europe OPPack competition, another first for a Zimbabwean company. All the awards were for products printed on the new press.

2010, the company managed to survive the turbulent times, and in March 2010, acquired a new bag making machine and a solvent less laminator, increasing the lamination and bagging capacity by more than 100%.

In the same year CPL went on to win the inaugural FIMA (South Africa) Golden Roll Awards by scooping a Gold Medal and a Bronze Medal in the Out of Africa Category for the innovative use of Bopp films.

2014 saw the company further re-tooling. A brand new state of the art pouch making machine was acquired in January 2015 and became fully operational by June of the same year. This enabled CPL to become the first company in Zimbabwe to have the capability of producing both 2/3 side sealed laminated flat pouches as well as Stand Up pouches and quad seal pouches with options of having a reclose able zip-lock, tear Knicks for easy opening, euro-slot or round holes for easy merchandising and punched holes for easy carriage on big pouches.

2015,Continuing with the retooling exercise in September 2015 the company went on to acquire a state of the art shaft less 8 colour rotogravure printing press with automatic register control together with a high speed slitter. Both machines became fully operationally in April 2016, and with the introduction of these modern fast and highly efficient machines, capacity doubled.

CPL remains dedicated to being a market leader in flexible packaging, by maintaining our high levels of quality, service and innovation.