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Innovation is the way to reach millions of consumers. CPL unfurls a fascinating gallery of soaps and detergents packaging materials, which display innovation, be it in terms of raw materials, colours, designs, finishing or the look. This is the reason, that our packaging materials are leading the market, be it national or international. All our products are stringently checked to ensure that they are in accordance with quality standards. We produce soap packaging, detergent powder packaging, surf packaging etc in plastic sachets or rolls for your form fill and seal auto pack machines.

Detergent packaging is of great consequence to deliver the detergent powder a long shelf life by keeping its cleansing power unspoiled through moisture and dirt. Packaging of gorgeous colours and designs also delivers the products mesmerizing sales appeal.

Detergents packaging materials, which CPL offers are developed keeping into consideration the current fashionable patterns of a plethora of charming colours, which showcase the artistic sense of our designers. These packaging materials protect the detergent powder from moisture, dust and dirt and maintain their detergency attributes for more time. Our detergents packaging materials are known amidst our clients for their long lasting features and tempting look.